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Psychology-driven design 

made at the Haus


Brooklyn, NY

Haus of Jung, a Brooklyn-born brand, offers a variety of handmade jewelry and leather accessories, crafted with city elegance and underground edge.

The brand’s goal is to offer psychology-driven design, inspired by the works of analyst Carl Jung.

The Haus offers a variety of high-end fashion accessories, guaranteeing highly refined aesthetics matched with clever practicality. The latter sometimes being of a hidden nature to the unaware viewer (e.g., hidden pockets, rings with pull-out blades), always preparing you for your next adventure.

While you can find a variety of these goods at markets and boutiques, designer and founder, Naty Tea, simultaneously focuses on working one-on-one on custom designs. She works with her clients to physically capture representations of fears they would like to diminish. Grounded by her background in Psychology and Fashion, Tea states that in order to live life true to yourself and in peace with the other, it is essential to “find your shadow, acknowledge and respect her, then you are free.”

Tea offers private inner work/ active meditation to help illuminate areas that may need healing.

Reach her at for inquiries about custom work.